Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Red Letter 9 call home?

Alcoa, Tennessee in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains.   Home of the state champion Alcoa Tornadoes, Alcoa Aluminum and the nicest people in the world.

If I wanted to come visit could I just pop in and say “hi”?

Bring it on.

What does Red Letter 9 mean?

If only we had a nickel for every time someone has asked us!

Red Letter 9 was merely a thought in 1992 when Brian, the president of Red Letter 9, was a student at Florida State University (Go Noles!). During his time at FSU, Brian lived with several students he met at First Baptist Church of Tallahassee. They crammed into a run-down house they referred to as "915." The house became legendary for its not so wild parties, bible studies, and cast of distinct characters, including a Godly "Yoda-type" figure who was in his forties.

Those relationships and experiences served as a springboard for Brian's faith and entrepreneurial spirit. Red Letter 9 would not exist without the encouragement of that group: Hinder, Hoshem, Bruce, Harmless, Jimmy, Treat, BOT, Mikey, Slam, Presto, and Jerdon (who didn't pay rent, but was always on the sofa playing video games). These men are forever immortalized with the "9" in the company name.

So, "Red Letter" refers to the version of the Bible Brian preferred in college and the "9" is the first number of the address. Pretty heavy stuff, eh?

Why are you charging so much for each shirt?

The simple answer is because we don’t want you buying them from this site. We really want you to head into your local Christian bookstore and pick one up there. They sell them so much cheaper and have great music, books, gifts and cards. We are only making them available as a courtesy to those without access to a bookstore.

Do you have a dropship program?

No. The reason is similar to the one above. We do not want online retailers competing with Christian bookstores. We are committed to brick and mortar bookstores and will continue this policy for the foreseeable future. If your website would like to buy and stock our products that is a different story but RL9 will not act as a shipping solution for anyone with just a website.

Why don’t you do parodies?

In 1994 we made our first line of Christian tees. We included 3 designs that were blatant parodies of famous products. A court order went to one of the country’s largest retailer asking them to remove the stock from the shelves. We received a phone call from the distressed buyer and it sent us all into a tizzy.

We tried contacting the company to try and solve the problem. They only directed us to the attorneys. A few days later the President of the company called us. He explained how his family had spent over 100 years developing a product that was worthy of carrying their logo. He quoted the 10 commandments to us and ask why we chose to ignore the one on stealing. He said that he believed the same things we did but would not tolerate anyone stealing and certainly not a fellow Christian whose standards should be higher.

We prayerfully considered his words and promised never to do that kind of work ever again. God has blessed us with more creativity than simply walking the grocery aisle and ripping off national brands who have spent millions to make you recognize them.

The bottom line is parodies are theft and should not part of the Christian’s efforts to further their cause. Stealing will always be stealing no matter how it is packaged.

What do I need to get setup as a retailer?

You need a retail store, valid tax ID#, credit card for your first order and a desire to spread the gospel through cotton.

Do you buy freelance art?

Yes and no. We have fulltime staff artists who are sold out for Christian tees. We are happy to look at portfolios but do not actively pursue freelance artists.

Can my church buy wholesale?

Yes, if you have a church bookstore. We rely on your honesty in these matters.

Can we order one of your designs but change it to be our Disciple Now or other church event tee?

Sure, we do that all the time. Just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get the ball rolling.

If I order shirts for my youth group can I buy a sign and other accessories with the same logo?

Yes. Red Letter 9 can provide your signage and many other items. We carry a full line of pens, cups, lanyards, keychains, buttons, magnets and thousands of other items. We can customize all of them for your special event. Just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and he will hook you up.

What kind of shirts do you use?

We use shirts from nearly every brand. Our main lines are Gildan, Hanes, Jerzees, Anvil and Delta. If you order custom tees we will use any brand you like.

If I order custom tees about how long does it take to get them?

2 weeks from art approval.